Exchange Program

Applications close 28th February 2020

  HSCA Programs 

1. Cultural Exprience Program

The Hawkesbury Sister City Association's Teen Cultural Experience Program has been operating for 30 years.

The program gives local students the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of another country. Representatives visit either Kyotamba in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan or Temple City in California, America.  During their visit delegates will live with a local family, attend school, experience the local culture and customs, and go sightseeing. 

Sister City programs are unique because they allow the representatives to become more immersed into the lifestyle of the country they are visiting while having the safeguard of the friendship, knowledge and expertise that has developed over many years by the respective sister city organisations and supporting City Councils.

The Hawkesbury cultural experience delegation visit to Temple City and to Kyotamba is undertaken in September / October.  The reciprocal visit by the Kyotamba and Temple City students is in July / August. 

To participate in the program ambassadors must be in Year 9, 10 or 11 at the time of the exchange visit and either live and / or attend school in Hawkesbury City.

All cultural experience delegates and a parent / guardian must agree to the policies and regulations set down by the Hawkesbury Sister City Association, especially in regard to the to conduct of representatives while participating in the program.  In addition, the family of the Hawkesbury cultural experience ambassadors are required to host an inbound exchange delegate if requested by HSCA.

For more information about the cultural experience program please refer to the TEEN CULTURAL EXPERIENCE PROGRAM page on this site.

2. Citizens Delegations

Club and societies within Hawkesbury City are encouraged to participate in an exchange program with Hawkesbury’s Sister Cities—Temple City in California, USA; Kyotamba in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, Weddin in south-western NSW; and Cabonne in western NSW.

The Hawkesbury Sister City Association will assist your group by liaising with our contacts in Hawkesbury’s Sister Cities to facilitate your exchange visit. We look forward to hearing from any interested groups so you can experience and enjoy the relationship between Hawkesbury, Temple City, Kyotamba, Weddin or Cabonne. Just call Tina on 4573 2617 or Bridget on 0425 232 413.

Past citizens delegations

In April 2012 a citizens delegation from Temple City visited Hawkesbury. The group was home hosted during their 10-day visit and included the then Mayor of Temple City and the Chairperson of the Temple City Sister City Association.

In response to an invitation from the Mayor of Kyotamba, a Hawkesbury delegation visited Kyotamba in November 2011 to participate in the annual Japanese Cultural Festival that was held in the Kyoto region, with the Puppet Festival component being held in Kyotamba.

Both Temple City and Kyotamba visited Hawkesbury City during 2010 to join the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the naming of the Macqurie Towns. The Temple City delegation visited in July, and the Kyotamba delegation, headed by their Mayor visited in November and participated in the launch of the Lady Macquarie Iris.

In April 2008 a Hawkesbury citizens delegation visited Kyotamba, and in June/July 2008 a citizens delegation from Temple City visited Hawkesbury.