Sister Cities

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 Hawkesbury's Sister Cities

A2010051417_014ETemple City

Hawkesbury's first sister city relationship was formed in 1984 with Temple City in California, USA.  Temple City lies in the shadows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is one of 85 cities which form Los Angeles County. 



In 1988 a relationship was formed between Hawkesbury and Tamba, Japan which is located in the heart of Japan's most historical prefecture, Kyoto.  In recent years Tamba Town amalgamated with neighbouring towns and is now known as Kyotamba which resulted in Hawkesbury signing a reaffirmation of the relationship with Kyotamba in 2009.  Like Hawkesbury City, Kyotamba has an agricultural base.


Cabonne and Weddin

In 2008 a City/Country alliance was established by Hawkesbury City Council with the western New South Wales regions of Weddin and Cabonne.  In 2009 HSCA took on the role of facilitating friendly ties between the residents of our respective communities.